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The sport of wrestling has been a guiding influence in my life for over two decades. Not a day goes by that I am not reminded just how much wrestling has contributed and molded me into the man I am today. I truly believe it has made me a better man, and this is the sole reason for my holding the sport of wrestling in such high esteem. It is my personal goal as head coach of the Bennett Wrestling Team to make each and every wrestler who walks out on our mats to be the best that they can be. The desire for improvement is not limited to just the sport of wrestling, but includes all aspects of life. My goal is to develop these young men academically, morally, physically and mentally. It is my desire then to use wrestling and the lesson taught through this sport to mature these young men. Wrestling is a tough sport and through it a great deal of life’s lessons are taught. Hard work, dedication, perseverance, humility and winning or losing with grace are but few examples of the lessons to be learned. It is under these goals or guidelines that the Bennett Wrestling Program, as well as the team handbook, is designed. We are always looking to move in one direction and that is forward. We as a coaching staff believe that this is the program to achieve that end.


We as a coaching staff believe wrestling to be an intense, even tough sport. It is also our belief that nothing matures a wrestler faster than live competition. This program’s emphasis lies in live competition and intense work. Live competition or “mat time”, followed by bouts of high intensity work, build the strong foundation needed to compete in this sport. The Bennett Wrestling program is intense, even hard. And these young men will work hard! But frankly, there is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HARD WORK. It is the only way to accomplish one’s goals.

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